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Ski touring: skills and physical requirements

by SuperAdmin SuperAdmin 01 févr. 2019

Ski touring: what physical conditions do i need ? 

Ski touring requires a few physical conditions and skills in order to enjoy your holiday at the most. Let's go through the physical conditions that you need in order to join one of our ski touring week. 
Physical condition for ski touring N°1: you need to be fit
One of the main interest of ski touring is that we spend the whole day on our skis discovering beautiful landscapes and untouched snow hills. Some days we climb up a 600 mts elevation, in 2 or 3 hours so your body needs to be prepared. All the more because of the altitude and weather conditions that may vary quickly. If you have never practiced ski touring before, we highly recommend you to be a fit person before you join our ski touring week or to train seriously before joining. Good training to get the perfect physical conditions can be to do mountain-running (trail running) and hiking on a regular basis. 
Physical conditions for ski touring n°2: you need to be ok with the cold weather
Ski touring means spending the whole day outside, sometimes in the cold, so the second physical condition that is required is to be ok with that. Altitude and the lack of oxygen make your body feel the cold easier. So if you fear feeling a little chilled going up the slopes, don't forget to bring an extra insulating clothing with on this ski touring trip. 

Ski touring in the Alps: what skills do I need  ? 

Ski skills required for  ski touring in the Alps :
Ski touring is all about skiing all day in an untouched environment. This means that you need to be able to ski on all types of snows: ice, powder, crusty snow, snowy weather... You don't need to be an expert skier but know a wide a range of ski skills in order to enjoy your holiday with us. One skill that we absolutely require is to be 100% confident to ski on red slopes, even on bad snow condition. 
Security skills for ski touring :
Security is the absolute priority for any ski touring trip. Our experienced and english speaking guide will for sure spend time sharing the necessary security skills you need to acquire before and during going up the  slope. A security pack (avalanche transceiver, shovel and probes) will be provided. 
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