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Ski touring gears

by SuperAdmin SuperAdmin 01 févr. 2019


Ski touring requires specific ski gears.  If you don't own skis or don't want to bring them;  we'll make a quick stop at a ski-shop we partner with so you can find what you need.
Let's have a closer look at the basic stuff you need for a vacation at Los Clavos French Alps.

What ski gear do I need for a good ski touring day ? 

For the first part of the day, that is to say the climb up, you will need specific alpine touring skis (with flexible ski bindings so you can bend your feet), skins (in nylon or mohair) to put under your skis so you don't slide down, touring boots compatible with the specific ski touring bindings, poles and a backcountry ski pack. Our experienced and local ski guide will provide with security gear: snow probes, shovels and avalanche transceivers. Only in certain cases people use crampons and ropes.

What clothes do I need to wear for ski touring ?  

As we depart early in the morning it is highly recommended to wear techninal clothes in "layers" so you can adapt to the outdoor conditions during the day by adding or removing one layer at a time. Typical clothes we use in the Alps are: bonnet, gloves (a second thin fleece pair can be appreciated when climbing up as you can get warm with the effort), ski socks, technical base layers/thermic underwears (pants and shirt), 2 insulation layers to keep you warm, protection jacket (gore tex style to protect from wind and rain).
If your bring a regular warm ski jacket, you’ll probably get too hot when going uphill. That’s why different layers are recommended.
Sunglasses are a must to counter snow reverberation and enhance your vision. A technical backpack can also be useful and should be able to carry your skis. We also recommend to wear a helmet for downhill.

Do I need to bring my ski touring gears with me ? 

In case you already have your own ski touring gears and want to bring it, that’s perfect. If you don’t have these specific equipment, no problem. The day before the first ski tour, we will go together to a close by ski shop. You will be able to rent the material and gears you need for the rest of the week.
You will need a backcountry ski pack that enables you to carry your skis if necessary. Check that your backpack has skis ski carry straps.
See you soon at Los Clavos French Alps! 
co-owner at Los Clavos French Alps 

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