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There is no other way than taking it easy if you want to discover a beautiful area like the French Alps. Our snowshoe hikes are all designed to give you the best experience of the valleys and  hills surrounding Los Clavos chalet.

Enjoy walking through white puffy snow fields and sliding down the slopes on the way back. Snowshoes allow us to cross untouched snow landscapes and come closer to nature in wintertime. We usually go for a 3 to 5 hour snowshoe hike and then come back to the chalet to relax, do some yoga and for a nice meal time together.

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Have you ever jumped from a cliff into a natural water pool? Canyoning will get you down rivers and waterfalls. Secured with adapted equipment like ropes, harness and helmet, you’ll jump down the river at your pace, and feel the bliss water will bring you.
We go for half day canyoning trips and adapt the level of adrenalin to the group we are bringing along. Jump in, and jump back in !!
The canyoning package is mixed with 2 days of rock climbing (all levels).
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Have you ever dreamt of flying ? Paragliding is the answer. Think about it as another way to discover the world from above. Here in the northern French Alps, we are blessed to have world class paragliding sites as Col de La Forclaz close to Annecy Lake and Le Lachat in le Grand-Bornand.

Both are close to Los Clavos French Alps chalet and will offer you unforgettable memories of flying like a bird above valleys and hills. You will be doing tandem paragliding with an instructor; and if you dare he will let you pilot the sail for a while !

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Surf and Yoga  in Nicaragua

Of course we can’t bring you surfing in the French Alps. But did you know that Los Clavos started 3 years ago with a surf and yoga camp in Nicaragua? Warm water and mellow waves to learn surf; yoga facing the ocean and good food… If you like mountain sports, you will probably love surfing.

You’ll find the same strong connection with nature and idea of surpassing oneself through physical effort.

Come join us for a sporty and relaxing vacation in Nicaragua with the Los Clavos Surf Camp team!

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