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conditions générales


The peaceful and friendly atmosphere at Los Clavos French Alps is partly due to our decision to remain small. With only a few rooms, the reservation and booking process is sensitive to us. That’s why we set up those fews rules:
  • The reservation is complete once full payment of the deposit being 40% of the price has been received. By paying the deposit, the client implicitly accepts the general terms and conditions of Los Clavos French Alps. If the deposit is not received within 7 days, we have the right to cancel the reservation. Deposits are non-refundable and we do not refund in case of changed travel plans, late arrival or early departure.
  • The remaining amount is to be paid upon arrival. We only accept cash payments in Euros. Be aware we won’t accept Euro bills in bad condition, as any notes with tears, ink stains, etc. are deemed unacceptable in France. If you pay by bank transfer, you’ll be charged any additional bank transfer fee that could occur from the transaction.


Our Prices and packages are subject to change. The client will have to pay the price indicated on Los Clavos French Alps web site at the time of the reservation. Unutilized items of a package are nonrefundable.
The client is here at its own risk and Los Clavos French Alps is not responsible for any injuries, any damage or loss or theft of his belongings. The client confirms that he/she is physically fit and does not have any pre-existing conditions or injuries that could be affected by outdoor activities such as surf. Surfing can be a dangerous activity and the client accepts the risks related to such an activity and can not hold Los Clavos French Alps responsible for any injury or health condition occurred during or following the activities organised by Los Clavos French Alps. 
The client confirms he has an international medical insurance covering outdoors activities as surfing, and will pay all costs of medical care he needs during his stay in Los Clavos French Alps.


Los Clavos French Alps has the right to cancel the reservation under extraordinary circumstances: If the booked service cannot be provided due to force majeure (e.g. epidemics, storms, catastrophes, strikes, political unrest, war, terrorism, staff illness etc). In this case the cancellation will have immediate effect and the payments already made by the client will be refunded within one month of the cancellation without indemnity.



The client is responsible for the equipment Los Clavos French Alps provides him, at the chalet and during the activities. In case the client causes damages to the equipment, he will be charged with the repair or replacement costs. 



In case of poor weather conditions, Los Clavos French Alps will do its best to find solutions to ensure the best ski or hikes possible but will not refund all or part of the package price as there is nothing we can do about it. The same applies for other activities.


Los Clavos French Alps is not responsible for the client’s transportation to arrive to and leave the chalet. The client will accept all costs related to changes or modification related to its transportation.



The client will have to follow the instructions of the staff. In case the client puts himself or anyone else in danger because of his behaviour, or has a behaviour which can damage the reputation of the company, Los Clavos French Alps will give him a warning. If the client doesn’t improve his behaviour, Los Clavos French Alps will have the right to terminate the stay of the client without further notice and won’t refund anything to the excluded client. The client will support all costs related to his exclusion. For the avoidance of doubt, “exclusion” means leaving the facilities within 4 hours.



By coming to Los Clavos French Alps, the client agrees we might publish without his prior consent on our website, social networks or any other marketing support, pictures and movies on which the client appears. In case the client disagrees with those terms, he should write a request in writing to Los Clavos French Alps upon arrival.


Clients participation in Los Clavos French Alps services and activities is at the client’s own risk. The client releases the company, the company’s agents and employees from all claims, losses, damages, expenses (including legal costs) during or in conjunction with his participation in activities organized by Los Clavos French Alps, which may arise from accident, illness, death, material damage or personal damage to the client or to others.


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